Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy & Healthy

Sorry for the hiatus. I have been feeling horrible the last week or so. Good news is Alexis has been feeling great! She has adjusted so well, I truly cannot complain. Even when I am feeling down about the situation, it  seems as there is ALWAYS someone there to remind me just how much of an inspiration Alexis has been to everyone. I checked my mail yesterday and there was a package from a man in California (who also had a colectomy) he sent Alexis a stuffed piggy some lip gloss and sticker earrings (and yes, both of my girls got them EVERYWHERE!). Today I check the mail, and we received a $530 gift card to Toys R Us and a $50 gift card to Olive Garden, courtesy of our friends Brandon & Liz (and from the awesome users of the Howdy Inc forum & Pearl Jam's 10 club forum.) She has seen her fair share of bad days, so its so amazing to be able to watch her enjoy herself. What kid wouldn't love spending that much money in a toy store!

The Great Bowel Movement contacted me and offered to send Alexis a shirt! They seen how much of an impact she made on the IBD community and decided to start a new program called "SponserShirts." By "buying" a GBM SponsorShirt, they will be able to send IBD patients who are in the spotlight, making a difference, or simply fighting an extraordinarily brave battle with their disease. Such a great cause, so if you can, help them out. I know Alexis will absolutely love her shirt--and I hope they know how much we appreciate their gesture.

I still receive multiple emails a day too, letting me know how much Alexis has inspired people around the WORLD. It still gives me butterflies and makes me extremely happy to know that Alexis has touched the hearts of so many.

Today marks 2 weeks since Alexis had her surgery. Hard to believe she has bounced back so quickly! She is finally happy AND healthy (and looks better than ever!)

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