Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Day Home..

and it went relatively well. Alexis had some "leftover" stuff in the lower part of her intestines, so she kept running to sit on the potty throughout the day. I'm not sure if she was just reverting back to old habits, because there were several times I had to go in and remind her she no longer had to go #2! She was also more lethargic.. lots of laying around and not so much eating. I made sure she got her liquids in, and her stoma and output look good, so I think I will take her out tomorrow to pep her up a little. I am sure the excitement of just coming home was tiring for her (as it was for me-- I took a 2 hour nap..and I never nap!) She is so amazing!

I seriously cannot believe all of the attention Alexis has received. I keep telling her she is a little internet sensation! I have almost 11,000 page views.. she received over 500 cards while in the hospital AND I just so happened to be scrolling through my facebook feed today, and out of no where I seen a pic of her that I posted a few days after surgery. It had been shared hundreds of times, and liked by THOUSANDS! Not to mention, all of the attention she has gotten from the Reddit community-- it is simply amazing. Alexis is a complete stranger to them, yet they have connected with her and have supported her 100% . I have said it before, but I'll say it again... THANK YOU.

P.S-- Did you guys get a chance to watch the video I posted in the last entry? Kyle contacted   the guy who made it, and he will be sending it out to Alexis. I am so excited!

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