Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 days post op...

and you would never believe it.

Alexis has been SUCH a trooper and has accustomed so well to her ostomy over the last few days. I am sure having a bag hang at your side full of fluids is very awkward and annoying, but it outweighs the non stop constant belly pain any day. She actually looks good. She isn't ghostly white with big black circles underneath her sunken in eyes. Shes actually able to sleep, and she just looks and acts like a normal, HEALTHY 5 year old little girl.

She has gotten rid of both iv's, is completely off the morphine (and is on something not so strong -- taken by mouth every 4 hours) and is officially on a clear liquid diet! Today's feast will consist of lots of jello, powerade, juice and (hopefully) broth. Tomorrow she will tackle REAL food. Hopefully by Tuesday we will be heading home!

The ostomy nurse will be stopping by tomorrow to properly teach Kyle and I how to change out Alexis' ostomy. Not gonna lie-- I am pretty nervous. I am sure I will be the one who will be changing them 95% of the time, which is fine, I just hope I can take everything in the small time frame we have set aside with her! (we will learn how to order, learn the differences in all the appliances, how to empty/clean the bag and how to change out the entire appliance!) I know her belly is still pretty sore and swollen to, so it will be pretty nerve wracking trying not to make the situation uncomfortable for her. But she has managed to take everything in so well-- I'm sure I can handle a little teaching :)


  1. Hi just thought I'd say how amazing Alexis is doing! I was 9 when i had my first bowel operation and 13 when I had my colostomy. It changed my life so much for the better and it already sounds like it's changing your daughters! I have had mine 6 1/2 - 7 years now and couldn't imagine life without it!! Good luck on recovery!!

  2. I can already say, at just 4 dpo, that it has made a 100% difference in her quality of life! Shes so happy and carefree now. It is very encouraging to hear that even after all that time you are still doing well!