Thursday, July 19, 2012


Shortly after my last blog post Alexis started vomiting. Since she was hardly drinking or eating to begin with I decided to take her right back to Childrens Hospital. Once there they did some blood work, gave her some meds, preformed a CT scan and pumped her full of fluids. It was a loooooong day, but we are finally resting back at home.

Her CT came back clean, no blockages or abnormal adhesion's whatsoever. Her blood work looked normal (I haven't been able to say that in over 8 months!) except for her white blood cells, but they are slowly but surely coming down from what they were pre op.

So all in all, we have no idea why she was vomiting. Maybe it was too much too fast? Maybe she caught a bug? Maybe she was just too dehydrated? Who knows. It's so hard to pinpoint vomiting in a child; as (like the Dr said.) "you can look at them wrong, and they will puke) I will pay extra close attention to her,and if anything is off-- back she goes.

Just keep her in your thoughts, that she continues to heal properly and stays OUT of the hospital!

P.S- Alexis made the Huffington Post-- so awesome! Huffington Post Article. I love that the IBD community is getting the awareness they so much deserve!


  1. I read her story on huffintonpost and it made me cry! I'm so glad she is doing better and all those wonderful people sent her cards! So so sweet! I made her one but seeing she out of the hospital she won't get it but that is ok with me! I hope she stays home and has no more hospital runs! She is a beautiful little girl and you guys seem like awesome parents! Stay strong little Alexis! You are loved by all! You are all in my prayers.

  2. I had surgery June 13th, so this is all new and fresh for me. I had some nausea in the hospital and vomited a few times, which kept me there about 3 days longer than anticipated. I came home feeling good, but 4 days later the vomiting started again and continued for the next 3 days (I would only vomit once a day and always in the evening). I went back to the hospital for 2 days for fluids, but also to make sure I didn't have an abscess. My CT showed a blood clot in my small intestine which they said could be the reason for the vomiting. I've been on a blood thinner (injections) for the past 3 weeks and I'm feeling much better.

    I am SO relieved to hear that Alexis' CT came out well and that her labs were good. I hope she is starting to drink more now. As far as eating...I wouldn't worry too much about it. Her appetite will come back in time. I know I didn't feel hungry for at least two weeks or more, but I am eating very well now. Hope Alexis continues to improve!! Stay strong!