Thursday, September 13, 2012


Will be Alexis' first follow up appointment with her GI Dr since before her surgery. I am very excited to see him and share just how great she is doing. For so long, I explained to him I couldn't nor did I want to put Alexis through such a dramatic surgery, but I am so happy we did. I know you have heard me say it over and over again, but I finally have my happy go lucky 5 year old back!

The only concern I will be bringing up to him is the discharge Alexis is having from her bottom (tmi, for most.. I am sure.. but those who are dealing with IBD know that poop talk is NORMAL and expected on a nearly every day basis!! :) !!) Her ileostomy obviously bypasses her rectum, however it is still a living organ and secretes mucus and whatnot. BUT, Alexis' has been bloody since surgery (few drops or so). Not bad AT all, and she only passes it every few days or so, but I am very curious as to how he will treat it. I am hoping it is only temporary as I was so happy to get her off all medications. But we shall see. I think he will be very pleased with her overall progress!!

This weekend we will be finding out the sex of the new baby, as well as taking a family outing to a Renaissance Festival. So exciting! For so long we had to stay clear of anything that didn't have a bathroom in a 3 second walking distance, so it will be nice to be able to go out and enjoy it! Alexis will be able to ride rides, eat whatever food she wants and just ENJOY herself! I am very excited :)

Well, I think thats all I have for today. I will update after our GI appointment for those of you who are interested in what he has to say!

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  1. Hi Tara, I'm following your blog since my 6 year old will have surgery soon after a three year battle with UC. I'm sure her GI will be thrilled. I look forward to your report since our GI is not in favour of surgery even though there's nothing left?