Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 days..

so the countdown begins...
Alexis right before her first practice!


Seems surreal that we are getting ready to go down this journey again! Alexis is doing so well that I wish we could just wait. Life with an ostomy isn't that bad. But this is what she wants, so we are moving forward.

Alexis had her first drill team practice last night. She did so good! She was happy to be out there and she seemed to be glowing with excitement the entire time!! She will miss out on a practice due to recovery time, but I am hoping I can at least get her there to watch (since it will be post op day 6--and if all goes well she should be out of the hospital!)  I am hoping this is something she can stick with and keep up with over the years!

My nerves are starting to set in, but I am trying to keep myself busy. I have a TON of laundry I would like to get done within the week!

and as always, expect more updates in the next week (even more the days following her surgery!)


  1. Hope step #2 of the surgery goes well! I have to wait until January for mine.

  2. hope all went well with the surgery!