Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Been a little while...

But I wanted to update everyone!

Alexis has been keeping me busy, as she is getting ready to start Kindergarten in a few days! She is VERY excited and can't wait to get back to school. She is anxious about going with the ostomy, but I have assured her she will do just fine! We will be using mini closed end pouches, so if one gets too full, she can pop it off and place a new one all by herself. I am worried about her leaking, but the good thing is I live literally right around the corner and could be there in a few short minutes. (The school nurse is only available SOME days, so I don't even want to try and depend on her being there) We will get through it , I am not worried! :)

Alexis and her Gastronauts!
I spoke with Alexis' surgeon and we will be moving forward with procedure #2 on Thursday October 4th! The good thing about this procedure is we elected to be part of a study to see if a bowel prep is necessary prior to surgery..and thank the heavens we have been selected for NO bowel prep! I think the bowel prep prior to surgery #1 was just as hard on Alexis as the actual I am very thankful that we get to skip on it this time around. Another plus is we will not be required to come in the day before! I think this surgery will be a million and one times less stressful than the last. I just can't wait to get Alexis through these next 2 procedures so we can put this chapter behind us.

Well, I must go. I have been working so hard on an article for The Phoenix (that will be featured in the December issue) and I find myself rewriting and adding things constantly! Gotta get it perfect as Alexis will be able to read this for years and years to come.

Thanks for checking in!

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