Monday, August 13, 2012

Bag changes...and leaks!

I apologize for the lack of updates. But, everything has been so "normal" lately, its hard to even find a few sentences to write in order to piece together an entire post! Today, I have something to rant about.

The time between bag changes.

I just cannot seem to get it to hold past day #2. I don't know what it is, but it seems every 2 days it starts leaking and we have to rush to change it. Her stoma is very odd shaped. Longer on one side than the other, and her belly is also more protruded on the tip/right side than it is on the left, so I attempted using the paste this time to hopefully get a few extra days in. (For those who are curious, we are using the Holister brand New Image wafers). It always seems to leak in the SAME spot, so I am hoping this works! The only good thing about changing it every 2 days is that I can make her shower with it all off and give her skin a break!

Alexis is just a few weeks away from Kindergarten. I must start working on allowing her to empty her bag. It seemed we had so much time to practice, and time seemed to have reallllly gotten away from me. I know she will do awesome, but I can't help but feel nervous and scared about this transition. I just hope we can start getting decent wear time in between bag changes so I don't have to worry about leaks! She is very excited to go, so I won't burden her with any of my worries. We will get through this and she will do great!

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