Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1 year 3 months post total colectomy

Sorry for the serious lack of updates. As a mother of 3 kids (Alexis will be 7, Kyleigh is 3 1/2 and Kennedy is 6 months old) , I can never find the time to sit down and just write without someone needing something -- and by the time I can get back to it, I can't collect my thoughts enough to make any sense! I am always up to answer any questions via email...ANYTIME! I may not update, but I am always checking in :)

So, lets get down to business.

Alexis has been doing fabulous for the most part. She averages about 5 bathroom trips a day, and manages to sleep all night! We are not giving her any medication besides a probiotic (VSL #3) and she can eat everything besides popcorn, as it causes major stomach pains! We have also limited the sugary drinks as it also upsets her belly, and milk at bed time is a huge NO-NO. She was having some problems with incontinence overnight and we finally figured out that milk played a huge role in that. We took away the milk, and the accidents stopped. She still drinks it throughout the day and handles it just fine.

A few weeks ago we took Alexis and her younger sister to Kings Island.  I was worried how Alexis would handle it since it was so hot out and I didn't know how all the walking would affect her body. She did great! We made sure to keep her hydrated and she had a blast the entire day. When Alexis had her colon and her UC was active, we could never do anything like this! It was so nice and I can't wait to do it year after year.

Forgot to mention that Alexis started first grade, and is surpassing her grade level in nearly every subject! I am so proud of her with all of the school she missed last year. She is so awesome!

Just wanted to give all of her followers an update. I apologize my post is all over the place, but I desperately wanted to update while keeping my kids in line. ha!

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