Saturday, November 3, 2012


With it being the month of Thanksgiving-- I have realized that I am SO thankful for the great team of Doctors Alexis has been blessed with. They have been with us through the good and the bad. It is bittersweet that we are no longer required to see Alexis' GI Dr on a regular basis. He kept such a close eye on Alexis, and got to know her so well. He was the first male Doctor Alexis EVER let examine her (and felt okay with it!). We lost our pediatrician a few months back, and her and I both cried when she told me she was moving to the Cleveland Clinic. She had been with my family since Alexis was BORN! She also shared with me her own mothers struggle with UC, and I believe that is when we REALLY bonded. If I could, I would drive to Cleveland every year for my children s well visits. When you have a sick kid, you grow so attached to the Doctors...whether you like it or not.

 I can't even begin to show my gratitude to the surgeon who preformed such a major surgery on Alexis' tiny body. She was a mess prior to her colectomy and within days of the operation, we had our wild 5 year old back. He truly gave my family our life back.

Of course my list of things that I am thankful for is more than a mile long, but these Doctors are on the top of my list. I can only hope they realize just how much of an impact they make on all of their patients and their families!

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